Our Ranges

Range 4


200 Meter and 300 Meter Rifle Range




Muzzle loaders



  • Members must complete the Range 4 course before they can shoot on this range.
  • R4 – Iron and Scope or R4S Scope only
  • R4- 22 LR – As of January 2016, a specific 22LR section has been added to the R4 course.  Please make sure you see an R4 instructor to ensure you are instructed in the specific issues regarding 22LR at 200 m.  You must only use equipment suitably modified for shooting 200 m.



Under Supervision of qualified range 4 members and must use a rifle properly zero'd by the qualified member on R3.

The qualified member is completely responsible for ensuring the non-qualified member or guest's gun is zero'd for 200 and 300m


Under Supervision of qualified range 4 instructors and must use a rifle properly qualified by the instructor for 200 or 300 m



Only at the Shooting Benches.  FIREARMS MUST FACE DOWN RANGE and be in a safe condition with actions open, magazines (and all ammunition) removed.

Rifles being moved from the shooting bench to the rifle racks must be unloaded, actions opened, and pointing straight up in the air.


  • Metal pig plates in appropriate shrouding may be used at 200 m with 22 LR Rifles.
  • Metal plates in appropriate shrouding may be used at 200 m and 300 m with rifles using lead bullets only.


  • Rifles in 22 LR may be used only at 200 m.  A rifle must be a 22 LR target rifle with a scope mount modified to be capable of reaching the 200 meter distance accurately.
  • All rifles used on this range must have preliminary sighting in at 100 yards on Range 3.
  • The warning stop sign must be lowered prior to proceeding downrange.  The sign must be returned to the upright position when all personnel have returned up range.
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