Guests at Sharon


As a private, member-owned club, Sharon Gun Club (SGC) is available to members and their guests only, and does not rent its facilities to the public.

Non-members may only attend SGC as a guest of a member or as an attendee at a club-sanctioned event such as a match or fund-raising event. 

Members may only have a total of three (3) guests - whether shooting or non-shooting - at SGC at any one time and are personally responsible for the conduct of their guests on all SGC property

Members and their guests (both shooting and non-shooting) must go to the designated registration area and do the following:

  1. Sign registration book before going to the ranges.
  2. Complete and sign waiver on guest envelope and deposit $20 (exact change or cheque) for each guest that will participate in shooting activities; there is no charge for non-shooting guests, but they must still register. The envelopes are to be deposited in the mail slot provided.
  3. Register in Guest Log which has information that must be completed by both the member and the guest(s).
  4. Apply a "Guest" sticker to the clothing of the guest. Red stickers are for guests who are participating in shooting activity and yellow stickers are for guests who are spectators only. Stickers must be visible at all times.
  5. The member must write his/her name legibly on the guest sticker, the guest waiver and in the guest register, as well as in the usual member register.

A member may not shoot while allowing a guest or unqualified member to shoot. The member must remain at arm's length from the guest (or unqualified member) at all times while supervising their shooting. Members are wholly and solely responsible for the actions of their guests and other members whom they are supervising.

Guests are permitted to attend the SGC no more than three times in a membership year.  After three visits, we expect that the visitor make inquiries about becoming an SGC member.
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