Joining Our Club


The steps to becoming a full member at Sharon Gun Club (SGC) are:

  1. Obtain a firearms Possession and Acquisition License.
  2. Secure use of a share - i.e. purchase or rent a share from an existing shareholder (see below).
  3. Submit a membership application to the Club Office (hours: Saturdays between 11am - 2pm)
  4. Meet with two SGC Directors for an interview and reference check.
  5. Pay membership fee.
  6. Attend and successfully complete SGC's CSSA-approved introductory safety course.
  7. Receive the probationary Club ID Badge.
  8. Complete the required probationary observation shoots: 5 rifle and/or shotgun and 5 pistol.
  9. Submit completed probationary forms to the Board of Directors for approval for limited (no Guests) first-year membership.
  10. Receive first-year membership badge and purchase electronic access fob (currently $20). 
  11. Guest privileges are earned 12 months after successful completion of the probationary shoot period. 
  12. Receive the current year's colour coded, full membership badge.


As SGC is member owned, a share must be purchased, borrowed or rented from an existing shareholder in order to apply for SGC membership. SGC itself does not offer shares for sale or rent, all share transfers are between private parties.

The standard method of securing use of a share is to visit the SGC Clubhouse on a Saturday between 11am and 2pm when the Club Office is open. Notices of shares for sale or rent are frequently posted on the Clubhouse bulletin board.

The Gun Club/SRPL may involve itself in share transactions between the parties (i.e. validating and approving share transfers or otherwise), and may, at its discretion and as required, retain legal counsel to oversee the share transfer, the costs of which will be borne by the party purchasing the shares.


Use of a share (see above) gives the share user the right to apply for one annual Primary Membership, plus additional Dependent Memberships.

The SGC membership year runs 12 months from July 1st to June 30th for all members, and renewals are due by June 30th.

Members joining mid year will have their membership fees prorated from date of joining, and will be charged a $50 Late Fee.

Primary Membership Types

  1. Adult
  2. Senior (65 years of age or older as of the July 1st beginning of the membership year)

Dependent Membership Types

Additionally, the Primary member may apply for Dependent Memberships for their family members in the following categories:

  1. Spouse (married or common-law, living at the same address as Primary Member)
  2. Youth (under 18 as of the July 1st beginning of the membership year)
  3. Student (18 to 23 years of age as of the July 1st beginning of the membership year, and enrolled in full time studies)


All new members join SGC as probationary members.  The purpose of probation is to allow the new member to learn SGC's safety rules and guidelines, and to demonstrate to specific Range Safety Examiners proficiency in the safe handling of firearms.

When you join the Club, probation begins with SGC's range safety/handgun safety course, followed by a minimum of five (5) probationary shoots observed by a Range Safety Examiner with rifle and/or shotgun, and five (5) with handgun. Only one probationary shoot per day per discipline is permitted, and these shoots must be from a variety of Examiners. Lists of approved Range Safety Examiners are posted in the Clubhouse, on Range 2, and on Range 3.  These members have been approved by the Board to perform this task, and they are volunteers, so please be patient, as there may be other probationary members waiting for “sign offs” as well.  If no one on the list is present, you may find a Director to perform the observation and sign off.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to require additional probationary shoots.  Should this be the case, the extra shoots must be examined by a Director.

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