Before shooting Trap at SGC, we suggest joining a group of members that are used to using the equipment. Sometimes you can find members on a Wednesday morning who are using the trap range. Instructions for using the Trap equipment follow here. The remaining section covers what you need to know for RS2 Qualification (Range Safety 2). 

To view a detailed description of how to use the Trap Range Equipment, please click HERE.


1. What is this all about anyway?

The safety of shooters on our Trap Range (Range 8) is linked to the safety of shooters at our Alcove (Range 7). The safety issues are directly related to shooters using the road up and down to the Alcove while Range 8 is in use. The new "RS2" designation allows member shooters to use both the Trap Range and the Alcove.

While the Trap Range is easily visible from the Clubhouse, the Alcove is not. Entrance to the Alcove is via a chained gate that can be seen as you drive on the road into the Clubhouse. Beyond the gate, the member shooter's car should follow the road (tricky in bad weather), past the archery range, and down to the Alcove.

2. What is the procedure for using the Trap Range?

If the yellow sign indicating "Alcove Range 7 in use" is already pulled down, as you enter the Trap range, you must enter the Trap house and radio down to the Alcove to notify them that the Trap range will be in use. If the Alcove is in use properly, you will see 2 things: one of two radios will be missing, AND the clipboard on the wall of the trap house will have the date, time and person's name on the Alcove range.

If just the Alcove in Use sign is down, and both radios are in the Trap house, and there is no one signed in, then there is an obligation to check the Alcove before shooting on the trap range.

The steps are to:

(a) pull down the "Trap Range in Use " RED sign.
(b) enter the Trap house using the combination on the door (only given to RS2 Members).
(c) take one of the 2 radios in the Trap house and ensure it is on. Keep it with you at all times with the volume turned to the max.
(d) operate the trap machine safely as instructed.
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