Member Probation and Safety Observations

There are several steps to becoming a member at SGC. The steps are as follows:

  1. Submit a membership application and obtain a PAL 
  2. Obtain a share . Note that obtaining a share does not entitle a person to become a member of the Club
  3. Obtain a Probationary Membership ID Card
  4. Complete the new member orientation course
  5. Complete new member form and probationary shoots 
  6. Obtain Board approval to join the Club
  7. Receive full membership ID Card and access fob


The purpose of probation is to allow a new member to learn the Club safety rules and guidelines and to demonstrate proficiency in the safe handling of firearms.  Probation applies to all member applicants. 

Probation starts with an orientation course, followed by a number of observed probationary shoots. These shoots may be with a rifle, shotgun or pistol.

Safety observations may be conducted and signed off by any experienced Club member. Usually these occur on Saturday, but Probationary members may attend the Club and complete safety observations during the week when supervised by an experienced Member. 

The Board may request additional observations at any time in the course of membership if it believes that such observations are in the best interest of the member and the Club.

Members wishing to use their own handguns for probationary shoots must apply for and have a valid Authorization to Transport (ATT).

Probationary members who have completed the CSSA Handgun Safety program at another club, or have completed an IPSC Black Badge course, or equivalent, may qualify for fewer probationary shoots upon providing proof of qualifications.

A member may receive only one observation per day. This is to ensure adequate exposure to different observers and members.

Ending Probation

Upon completion of all requirements, the probationary member should submit his or her new member form to the office. The Board will consider the application for membership at the next monthly meeting. If approved, the member can obtain a fob from the office to permit electronic access to the Club, can have the ID badge updated, and can shoot without supervision. There is a $20 non-refundable charge for each fob issued. Members who lose their fob should advise the office as soon as possible, and purchase a replacement. 

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